Gun owners are searching for a new ammo supplier as sporting goods stores shut down. Not to worry, while it is harder to find decent retail options; you’ll find many terrific online ammo suppliers. It is legal to buy ammo online just as long as you follow federal and state laws. The rules regarding the sale of ammunition are pretty up-front and simple to understand in most parts of the United States. In general, Federal law permits online ammo purchases if you meet the following criteria.
18 years of age to order shotgun ammo.
No younger than 21 years of age to buy handgun and rifle ammunition.
Now, it’s important to remember that just because Federal law makes it legal to purchase ammo through the internet doesn’t mean that you won’t run up against limitations imposed by your State and local laws. For example, residents of New York and California can buy ammo online, but it must ship to a Licensed Firearms Vendor for an in-person pickup. We can’t remind you enough how critical it is that you understand how the ammo purchase laws work in your area. Legitimate online ammo dealers make it their job to know the rules and are very helpful in keeping your purchase legal. If you’re like many gun owners, you might prefer to shop at a local store before you invest in a new firearm. It’s essential to hold a gun in your hands to determine if it’s a good fit before you spend a lot of money on a big purches. But, there are many benefits to buying your ammunition through the internet as opposed to your local store. Buyers find that online stores offer: A higher variety of ammo options, Significantly lower charges and Front door delivery in some cases.