There are no limits to a number of firearms we are able to own, and now can order ammunition online. So, to save you from doing the research of rounds you won’t use, here is a list of must have cartridges
22 LONG RIFLE-This cartridge is extremely useful and fun to shoot. It can be fired from a rifle or a handgun and it’s great for teaching beginners, small game hunting and target practice on the range.
22 MAGNUM-The 22 Magnum may not be as affordable as the 22 Long Rifle, but it does pack a punch. This cartridge can easily take down foxes and bobcats, but it can also handle larger animals such as deer and coyotes if you need it to. These cartridges are extremely light so they’re quite easy to carry around.
.223 REMINGTON-The .223 Remington is a well-rounded cartridge. Since it is the most widespread round chambered for American rifles. However, its’ popularity has stemmed from its’ affordability, availability, and durability. .223 Remington cartridges can be found anywhere and they are able to take down anything from varmint to large predators
9MM LUGER-The 9mm Luger has been in production since 1902 and it’s the most rampant centerfire handgun cartridge of all time. This cartridge is also recognized for its’ use in some of the best fighting pistols such as the Browning HI Power and the Glock 19.