The first thing you need is going to be cotton patches. These can be found in a variety of sizes. Some people prefer to get larger ones and then cut them to the appropriate size. This way, you can leave the patch large to wipe down the external pistol frame, but cut smaller pieces to wipe out the barrel. After the cotton patches, you’ll want to get a cleaning rod and bore brush. Note, you’ll need a brush which matches the bore of your pistol. There are a variety of brands and materials. Most commonly, brushes are brass, nylon, or plastic. In addition to the bore brush, you’ll want a plain brush for scrubbing other parts of your pistol as well. Just like the bore brush, these come in a variety of brands and materials. Solvent is next. A solvent is a cleaning solution which actually dissolves the buildup. Pick a high-quality solvent, as this is the part of the kit which will be thoroughly cleaning your pistol. Seeking the advice of a qualified professional at your firearms store is a wise choice if you are inexperienced. After solvent, you’ll want lubricant also known as gun oil. This will go on certain parts of your pistol after it is cleaned to ensure smooth operation. A micro-fiber cloth is helpful to wipe down your pistol and give it a shine.